CHENISTORY Bela Chrysanthemum Flower DIY Digitalno Barvanje Z Številkami Ročno Poslikane Oljna slika Na Platnu Edinstveno Darilo Doma Dekor

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Doma Dekoracijo dnevni sobi, Otroški Sobi, poročni dekoracijoŠtevilka Modela 60*75 barvanje z številkamiPaket valjani na cevKombinacija EN KOSPoreklo CN(Izvora)wall art sliko handpainted oljno slikopigment Akril barve, čopič, platnoOkvir Da,Predmeti Cvetslikarstvo Padec ladijskega prometaMaterial PeriloDarilo edinstveno darilo za otroke, družinoSlikarstvo, kaligrafija Platno SlikarstvoTehnika naslikal jih samiSlog Sodobnouokvirjena diy okvirBlagovna Znamka CHENISTORYVrsta Barve Propilena

Oznake: sr2ez, daimont barve, dramatično moderno slikarstvo, vrata slikarsko platno, diamond barve, dekor, za številko barve, cuadros abstractos, barve, home office modernih dekor.

Iluvmonkeyys 2021-01-06

The package came very quickly, but there is no printed reference sheet prompt. Looked, it turns out the sheet is a clue and is not provided. This is a big minus to the store, because. Print it on A3 format costs a couple of cents, and without this sheet, the work is very complicated. Only because of this, despite the fact that the canvas itself and the paints of normal quality, I will not order here until the store revised the concept of ordering

Alexander Sm21 2021-01-12

The goods came quickly enough, given the new year holidays. The canvas is even without creases, the paints are fresh. Stretcher quality bad (not quality wood, if it can be called and processing bad, there are cracks). In general, I'm happy with the goods, I recommend the seller.

Yeya Tony 2020-12-30

I order not for the first time. A good store-qualitatively and reliably packs everything.

Mareseva Tatyana 2020-08-29

The picture is beautiful as expected. Thank you very much.

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