Hrana Silikona Kave Skodelice S Slamo BPA FREE 550/750 ML Vode Pokal na Prostem Kampiranje, Pohodništvo Zložljive Steklenica za Vodo

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Številka Modela M9Blagovna Znamka SOKUFunkcija Okolju Prijazno

Oznake: zbirka silicij pokal, skodelica čaja, cvetlični bpa free steklenico, zložljivi pokal cartoon, vrč pivo po meri, 53mm odmerjanja pokal, nemško skladišče, skodelico kave matrica, raagi steklenice za vodo, moške pohodniške.

Open Up Your Heart 2020-12-15

The product is exactly the same description, just perfect, the cup is wonderful, it took about a month to arrive to Brasil

Arman 001 2021-01-06

Product is good as per advertise but seller services very poor

Lorlindsey 2021-02-03

A heavy thing. No smell. Silicone is nice. Plastic quality. Product and shop recommend!

Vistik Rus 2020-11-09

Very cool glass, big! The tube is soft together with it. I decided to check on how much it does not spill and does not open when falling. If you close and flip does not spill, dropped in the bath, too, did not reveal and did not spill. Here we go. When I dropped it in the kitchen on the carpet, it opened and everything fell apart on the sides and was in boiling water and tea))))) I received a glass and experiments from my husband for my miracle!))

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