Električni Smart Trebušne Mišice Stimulator Oblikovanje Pralni Mišice Vaditelj Hujšanje Fat Burning Vaditelj Fitnes Oprema

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Funkcija 5 ems trener bo ustrezalaFunkcija 3 EMS stimulacija MišicNačin Uporabe DrugoFunkcija 6 EMS Boki TrenerMaterial Visoka kakovost antinbacterial silikonaFunkcija 8 ems simulatorFunkcija 4 ems massagerFunkcija 1 Trebušne mišice trenerUporaba DrugoNačin Poučevanja DrugoFunkcija 2 EMS trebušne mišice stimulatorŠtevilka Modela Mišice VaditeljFunkcija 7 ems trener mišični stimulatorPoreklo CN(Izvora)

Oznake: fit opremite, vibrat stroj, pritisnite simulator, treadmil za dom, powerfit vibracijsko vadbo, trebuh mišice, noro fit masaža vibracijsko ploščo, cardio, moški mišični stimulator, vaja oprema strojev.

Bobir 90 2020-10-06

The video in the product description has the impression that 3 control equipment for package contents include, only after unpacking and the again-Read was clear that not three control equipment supplied. The app which one to use the ECUs mandatory needed is flawed. Particularly bad, that the establishment of a user account basically fails (Samsung Android smartphone's). Fortunately the app also without a user account, it then stand but only few functions available.

Peshkov62 2020-08-25

Super thx

Boroninaav 2020-10-22

Top EMS, just had to look for the datasheet to finally find the barcode on the carton. Otherwise: a very good EMS device, really powerful and ergonomic.

Anna Chepeleva 2020-09-16

The goods came within the prescribed time, everything corresponds to the description. I advise the seller!

Vj Anika 2020-09-23

Misleading advertising, it's the only photo that matches what they send you, the rest of the photographs are from a device they don't sell. On the other hand the instructions come in Chinese and not in a language of the European Economic Community as they are bound. The solution the seller gives me is to take pictures of the instructions and send me a translation, when most logical and comfortable, if by logistics they cannot change the instructions, it is to facilitate a link with the instructions in English or Spanish

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